监视器在宝宝自己睡一个屋子或者宝宝睡了, 妈妈想干点别的事情的时候就有大用处了. 我先后买了三个. 前两个不满意都退回去了. 最后买的这个太满意了. 晚上图象很清晰. 虽然贵点, 但好用啊.
Safety 1st Digital Video Monitor (external link)

下面是consumer reports (external link)对婴儿监视器的推荐和建议.


Among the models we tested, the digital baby monitors are top-rated. Short of DECT technology, there’s no guarantee against interference with either digital or analog monitors, although digital monitors are less susceptible and more private. One digital model in particular, the Philips SCD 589, is loaded with features, and since it operates in the fairly lightly used, for now, 1.9GHZ frequency band, it’s unlikely to pick up interference. However, at $200, it’s pricey.

If you anticipate interference and want to spend less than $200, buy a less-pricey digital model that’s not in the same frequency band as other wireless products in your home, and consider models with more than two channels. The other digital monitors we tested were very good: The Graco iMonitor ($90) has two parent units; a similar version with one parent unit is available for $60. The Summer Infant Secure Sounds ($50) is a good choice for privacy, though, like the Graco iMonitor, it has fewer frills than the Philips SCD 589.

We suggest avoiding the Evenflo WhisperConnect? Sensa ($50). It has a Pet Sensor, which is designed to alert you to any unusual movement around your baby’s crib—a cat or other pet climbed in, say. That feature worked well, but you can easily keep pets away from the crib by closing the door to your baby’s room. In addition, we found that one of the three samples we tested had an annoying problem: The “out of range” alarm would go off at random. This happened over and over again with that particular sample, and once or twice with one of the other two samples we tested.

The audio/video monitors we tested have small color screens, and unlike earlier models, reasonably good pictures. However, we found them to be susceptible to interference, particularly from microwave ovens in use. Some models, such as the MobiCam? ($190), let you tape to a VCR or watch your monitor on the television set. But overall, we don’t see much need for a video baby monitor.

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